Skin Solutions as Individual as you are

Created in Paris in 1963 by Madame Ella Baché, our results driven products and treatments are recognised the world over for their quality and effectiveness at delivering a personalised skincare experience to achieve vibrant, healthy skin.

Our highly qualified and professional therapists will first conduct a skin diagnosis to understand your skin's condition, before recommending a personalised solution of products and treatments designed to improve your skin's health and condition.

This menu serves as an invitation to discover our treatments and relish in discovering the best solution for your skin care needs. One that is as individual as you are.

Express Facials

You should never be too busy to treat yourself! For great results in a limited time, an Ella Baché Express Facial is just what you need to feel special.

Package Price
Radiance Intensive Eye Express Facial Treatment (45 minutes)
A gentle massage and botanical peel-off mask make this the ultimate anti-ageing treatment for puffiness, dark circles and fine lines. Your eyes will be bright and radiant! Features double cleanse, eye exfoliation, massage, Radiance Eye Mask and daily skincare.
Triple Expresso Facial Treatment (30 minutes)
Based on a gradual exfoliation technique that delivers healthy glowing skin in just half an hour, this fast but scrumptious facial features double cleanse, 3 different types of exfoliation and daily skincare. For all skin types.
Deep Cleansing Express Facial Treatment (45 minutes)
This purifying facial has been especially developed for young skin and any skin that suffers from congestion and acne. A totally cleansing and refreshing experience, your skin will instantly appear brighter and feel smoother, radiating youthful good health! Features double cleanse, double exfoliation, deep cleansing mask, treatment products and daily skincare.
Deep Cleansing (Acne) 1 Hour $85.00

Facial Treatments

Relax and revive with an Ella Baché facial. All facials are suitable for both women and men.

Package Price
Signature Facial Treatment (1 hour)
A luxurious facial to make your skin feel delicious! From deep cleansing and balancing to calming and soothing, we’ll ensure your skin receives the rightrecipe for a healthy glow. Enjoy a double cleanse, exfoliation depending onskin condition, massage, mask and daily skincare specific to your exact needs. In fact, there are 7 different types to treat specific skin conditions.Includes eyes, lips, neck and décolleté.
Fruit Declat Organic Tomato Facial (1 hour)
Inspired by natural and organic ingredients to stimulate all five senses and provide deep oxygenation and revitalisation of the skin. Earth, natural aromas from the warm aromatic press instantly relax and balance the mind and soul. Cleansing is followed by exfoliation combining rice power and quinoa to refine the skin. Organic tomato and comforting oils pamper the skin and deliver an abundance of vitamins, nutrients and oxygenation. Fruits in the mask illuminate the skin leaving it naturally revitalised and brightened.
Aromatique Detoxifying Facial Treatment (1 hour 15 minutes)
A detoxifying and purifying treatment for all skin types with blemish concerns. Even Complexion massage drains away toxins reducing stress levels, while our active ingredients provide a refreshing and oxygenating effect. Blemishes are reduced leaving skin texture smoothed, detoxified and healthy.
Radiance C Facial Treatment (1 hour 15 minutes)
Brightens hydrates and gives a radiant glow to lack-lustre, Sun damaged and environmentally stressed skin. Enjoy the brightening benefits of a 20% vitamin C concentrate, antioxidant mist and firming peel-off mask. Treatment also includes a double cleanse, enzyme exfoliation, completed with sunscreen and moisture protective rich in antioxidants to leave your skin instantly brighter, more radiant and glowing with health.
Hydra Plumping Facial Treatment (1 hour 30 minutes)
An intensive specialty facial, to quench thirsty, dehydrated skin. Your skin will appear plumper and hydrated, leaving it dewy soft and renewed with vitality. Features double cleanse, exfoliation, 20min Paris Massage, salon exclusive concentrated Hydra treatment mask and Hydra daily skincare.
Spirulines Lifting Facial Treatment (1 hour 15 minutes)
An invigorating treatment delivering clarity and visible lifting results. Spirulina, rich in 220 life-essential elements, targets fine lines and restores elasticity. Encapsulated menthol in the lift-off mask intensely tones, tightens and brightens. Skin is visibly smoothed and re-charged.
Oxygen Facial Treatment (1 hour 15 minutes)
The oxygen facial delivers pure oxygen that contains 180 million nutrient filled particles per second to the deepest layers of the skin. Plumping fine lines, rejuvenating tired dry skin, and promoting collagen and elastin growth. A Natural Face Lift!
Sensibeautics Strengthening Facial Treatment (1 hour 15 minutes)
A luxurious facial for skins needing intense calming, increased tolerance and enhanced barrier protection. Even Complexion Massage drains away toxins and relaxes the soul while sensitivity is treated with our exclusive active ingredients ProBioSkin and Pro-tolerance Complex. Redness is reduced, complexion evened, resistance strengthened.
Eternal Facial Treatment (1 hour 30 minutes)
This luxurious treatment firms, repairs and rejuvenates to correct the signs of ageing. Using the latest in skincare technology, Eternal addresses ageing skin concerns to achieve superior results by immediately plumping and smoothing fine lines and softening skin texture. Enjoy being pampered with a unique toning massage technique, enzymatic peel and firming peel-off mask. Treatment also includes a double cleanse, exfoliation and is completed with a moisture protective and sunscreen. You will fall in love with the visible results.
Men's Anti-Fatigue Espresso Facial Treatment (1 hour)
Specifically designed to release tension and deeply relax, begins with a ten minute neck and shoulder massage. Cleansing and exfoliating is done in one step using brushes inspired by old fashioned shaving methods, His skin will be invigorated with fifty vital ingredients extracted from green coffee and seedling plants. The treatment is completed with a reshaping massage, firming peel-off mask and application of daily skin care. His skin is left moisturised, toned and with visibly reduced signs of fatigue.

Side Dishes

Would you like extra results? Add one or more of these treatments to your facial.

Package Price
Eternal Decollate Firming Neck Treatment
A firming and lifting treatment mask specifically designed for the neck and decollate.
Clarifying Enzyme Exfoliating Treatment $20.00
Organic Anti-fatigue Eye Mask $35.00
Radiance Intensive Eye Treatment $40.00
Spirulines Green-Lift Eyes $40.00
Brow Shape and Lash Tint $40.00
High Speed Manicure $35.00
High Speed Pedicure $45.00

Body Treatments

Experience individual treatments or combine them for ultimate results.

Package Price
Exfoliating Sea Crystals (30 minutes)
Deep exfoliating sea salt eliminates rough skin and trace elements stimulate circulation.
Earth Enzyme Body Exfoliant (30 minutes)
Dramatically refine and soften skin texture with papaya enzymes and soothing rice and oat bran.
Honey Almond Balm (30 minutes)
Nourishing and moisturising honey and almonds gently exfoliate and leave skin soft and supple.
Organic Softening Sugar Scrub (30 minutes)
Organic sugar cane, argan shell and nourishing oils exfoliate, leaving skin soft and revitalised.
Treatment Masks
Cocoa Fire Mask (45 minutes)
A warm mask with cocoa powder and caffeine to stimulate circulation and smooth appearance of cellulite.
Mint-Star Anise Ice Mask (45 minutes)
A cooling mask with extracts of mint, star anise and menthol to tone, stimulate and refresh.
Detoxifying Sea Salt Mask (45 minutes)
Algae, minerals and vitamins to rejuvenate and revitalise in a peel-off mask.
Relaxing Massages
30 Minutes
Restores balance and vitality by draining sore, aching muscles.
45 Minutes
Restores balance and vitality by draining sore, aching muscles.
60 Minutes
Restores balance and vitality by draining sore, aching muscles.

Body Treatment Recipes

Package Price
Fire Body Treatment (60 minutes)
Exfoliation and Treatment Mask
Earth Body Treatment (60 minutes)
Exfoliation and Relaxing Massage
Earth Body Treatment (90 minutes)
Exfoliation and Relaxing Massage
Air Body Treatment (60 minutes)
Exfoliation and Relaxing Massage
Air Body Treatment (90 minutes)
Exfoliation and Relaxing Massage
Water Body Treatment (90 minutes)
Exfoliation, Treatment Mask & Relaxing Massage
Water Body Treatment (120 minutes)
Exfoliation, Treatment Mask & Relaxing Massage
Detoxifying Sauna (30 minutes)
The Detoxifying Sauna uses naturally occurring Far Infrared Rays that effectively detoxify the body of many lifelong accumulated toxins. It is also useful in improving skin tone, helping with weight management and energising the body while relaxing the mind. It detox up to 6 times more than conventional saunas.

Hand and Feet Treatments

Package Price
Exfoliating Sea Crystals, Enzymatic Earth Body Exfoliant or Honey Almond Balm
Treatment Mask
Cocoa Fire Mask, Mint-Star Anise Mask or Detoxifying Sea Salt Mask
Exfoliation & Treatment Mask
Manicures and Pedicures
High Speed Manicure (30 minutes)
Just the thing for instantly great nails. Includes shape, file, buff and polish.
Deluxe Manicure
The best choice if you have a little more time. Includes nail and cuticle care and an exfoliating treatment.
High Speed Pedicure (30 minutes)
Includes shape, file, buff, cuticle and polish.
Deluxe Pedicure (1 hour)
Your treat for your feet! Includes a footbath, followed by an exfoliation, nail care and a relaxing massage.
Add a Softening Paraffin Wax $15.00

Body Bronzing

Package Price
Great Tan Without Sun (30 minutes)
Who needs the sun with this fabulous cream tanning treatment? We carefully apply a layer of our famous self tan for a sunless golden tan that lasts for days.
Great Spray Tan (15 minutes)
Enriched with skin moisturising properties, this convenient liquid tan dries instantly and leaves a rich golden colour that lasts for days.
Optional Pre-Tan Polish (15 minutes) $35.00


Our waxing treatments are performed using the highest Ella Baché quality wax. In accordance with strict hygiene standards, we do not re-cycle our wax or double-dip implements. * All waxing prices are starting prices.

Package Price
Waxing for Her
Full Leg & Bikini $65.00
Half Leg $35.00
Thighs $40.00
Three Quarter Leg $42.00
Bikini $30.00
G-String $45.00
Brazilian (1st Visit) $65.00
Brazilian (Follow-up Visits) $60.00
Underarm $25.00
Full Arm $39.50
Half Arm $29.50
Stomach Line $15.00
Chin or Lip Tidy $20.00
Eyebrow Shape $25.00
Face (incl. Chin, Lip & Brow) $55.00
Add a Bikini Wax to any Leg Wax $15.00
Waxing for Him
Back (Full) $65.00
Back (Half) $50.00
Chest (Full) $65.00
Chest (Half) $45.00
Full Leg $85.00
Neck $20.00
Eyebrows $25.00
Full Arms $45.00

Additional Specialised Treatment

(Ask your therapist for more information).

Package Price
IPL (Intense Pulse Light)
IPL (Intense Pulse Light)
Hair removal and skin rejuvenation.
Skin Needling Treatment
Skin Needling Treatment $Call
Per Minute (Minimum 5 mins)
Still the safest method of permanent hair removal.
Per 15 Minutes
Still the safest method of permanent hair removal.
Disposable Needles
Still the safest method of permanent hair removal.
Colour Implants
Colour Implant Packages
The make-up that won’t wash off.
Skin Resurfacing and Anti Ageing (Face and Neck)
Improves aging signs, acne scaring, hyper-pigmentation, clogged & large pores, and even sun exposure damage. It is not invasive and the entire procedure usually lasts around one hour.
Skin Resurfacing and Anti Ageing (Face, Neck and décolletage)
Improves aging signs, acne scaring, hyper-pigmentation, clogged & large pores, and even sun exposure damage. It is not invasive and the entire procedure usually lasts around one hour.
Small area (to 15 minutes)
Method of removing dilated (broken) capillaries on the face.
Large area (to 25 minutes)
Method of removing dilated (broken) capillaries on the face.
Disposable Needle $5.00
Oxygen Therapy
Oxygen Therapy
Ideal for, anti-aging, skin and facial treatments and improved health.

Customised Packages

From a 1-hour indulgence to an all-day escape, your Ella Baché salon can prepare a beauty treatment tailor-made to your specific requirements. We also offer wedding ritual and corporate express packages. Simply ask your Therapist for more information.


Package Price
Day Wear Make-Up $45.00
Special Occasion Make-Up
(Add lashes for only $10)
Make-Up Lesson (1 hour) $85.00

Express Essentials

Our skilled therapist can shape or tint brows and perm or tint lashes.

Package Price
Lashes & Brows
Brow Shape $25.00
Brow Tint $20.00
Lash Tint $25.00
Lash Tint & Brow Shape $40.00
Lash Tint & Brow Tint $40.00
Lash & Brow Tint & Brow Shape $65.00
Full Lash Extension $130.00
Retouch $90.00
Lash Perm $55.00

Indulgence Packages

Package Price
Yummy Indulgence (2 hours)
This special menu of treatments has been developed with Australia’s sometimes harsh climate in mind, with particular emphasis on rejuvenating and renewing environmentally exposed skins such as your face, hands and feet. You’ll love how soft, smooth and alive your skin will feel. Includes tailored Solution Facial, Earth break Hands and Earth Break Feet.
Extra Tasty Indulgence (2 hours 30 minutes)
Quench thirsty skin, pamper tired, aching feet and feet the stress of everyday life simply melt away with this luxurious combination of favourite and effective Ella Baché treatments, You’ll fee revived, energised and ready for anything! Includes Hydra Plumping Facial Treatment, Earth Break Feet and a calming, soothing Anti Stress Massage.
Scrumptious Indulgence (2 hours 45 minutes)
Pure heaven! This soothing and revitalising package includes a Solution Facial Treatment and Radiance Eye Mask for a fresh, radiant complexion, Salt of the Earth body polish for skin that positively glows with good health, Full Body Massage to ease tension and soothe tired muscles plus a High Speed Manicure. But simply you’ll feel good all over.
Completely Irresistible Indulgence (4 hours 45 minutes)
Our ultimate indulgence package is a seriously special treat we should all enjoy at least once in our busy, hectic lives. Of course, after you experience it you’ll want to come back for more! Ideal for sun damaged or prematurely aged skin, it will leave you feeling refreshed, revived and delicious. Highlights include our Age Protection Facial Treatment, Original Voyage full body treatment and Deluxe manicure and pedicure.

We recommend you confirm prices when booking. This salon is independently owned and operated (Services and prices may vary from salon to salon).